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We document the everyday American, the strangeness and the unknown of a nation too-often defined by those metropolis bubbles, Los Angeles and New York. Discover our country's crazy diversity, amazing music, yummy food and gorgeous natural wonders. We hope our adventures inspire you to be fearless and explore everything from your backyard to the whole wide world.


Who we are


Cassia Reynolds

I’m a USA-born photographer and gonzo-style writer that specializes in the wilder, less planned, cheaper side of travel. 

A year and a half ago, I dropped my steady job in Manhattan, bought a one-way ticket to a foreign country, and decided to find out where life would take me. And I learned that the beauty and self-understanding triggered by this kind of nomad-like existence is worth the challenges of uncertainty. 

In the past year I’ve interviewed a Cambodian mafia leader, written food reviews on fried tarantulas and preserved duck fetuses, documented my own motorbike crash, photographed a traditional H’mong village wedding, recorded my detainment in Laos and investigated corruption in the Laotian police system, and narrated a three-day trek up to the remote Kalinga region of The Philippines, where I met the last of a dying lineage of headhunting tattoo artists.

Now, I'm back in good ol' America; my big, badass, beautiful home.

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I'm a writer interested in travel, our natural world and the critters and humans that live in it!

I called NYC home for six years, recently working in media and human rights. While I loved the city, its fantastic bagels, and eccentric population, it was time for a new adventure. In thinking about all the countries and places I haven't seen, I realized I barely knew my home!

After leaving my job, I took a month long road trip across the US. Leaving New York heading to San Diego: I weaved through the Smokies, down the Mississippi, along the Cajun Trail, through Texas hill country, to the Southwest canyons, finally reaching the California coast. 

The USA is big, beautiful and full of surprises. I can't wait to share all my stories, discoveries and the necessary survival guide: "Keeping Sane - Living in a Car for a Month".